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Burton Danet
Aug 25, 2011

ABC4All Jamboree!

Implementing the ABC4All Legacy:  Download the 3=page PDF!


Announcement from FUNdraising to ZERO out: We are now ready to do the Viral Loop of the Century! Each person who shares with others is bringing REAL RELIEF to the World! Thank you for sharing.

Please share the following with all you know and ask them to do the same, to share with all they know, until as many as possible in the world are aware of this information! 24/7: Watch the Videos at the ABC4All WorldTV Channel http://worldtv.com/abc4all/ to learn about REAL RELIEF coming your way if support is received from YOUR location in the World!

REAL RELIEF is on the way for anyone alive who is receptive (whether you are aware or not of the ill effects of all the bombardments we face every day ).

We have FREE admission for those who attend the ABC4All Jamboree! in Long Beach, CA USA on 12/12/12.

We have a FREE Global LIVE Feed from the event on 12/12/12 7-10 PM Pacific Standard Time - go here:


Scroll down 1/3 of the page to see our Live Feed with some of the program listed on 12/12/12 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. For your time zone: http://timeanddate.comhttp://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=ABC4All+Jamboree!++Live+Webcast&iso=20121212T19&p1=137&ah=3

Times approximate.

Anyone with a cell phone (with flash) and/or an Internet connection can tune in.

FULL PROGRAM for the LIVE FEED: http://121212.abc4all.net/topics/view/82885/

View the full program of this UNREHEARSED, SPONTANEOUS Program being videoed from beginning to end for later post production, Pay-Per-View (low cost but supporting ABC4All) and DVD series that includes the END of DRINKING POLLUTED WATER in the world for educational and FUNdraising purposes.

ABC4All is bringing many other advanced technologies for water, food and shelter to the world in record time via ABC4All WorldSolutions™ http://abc4all.net/worldsolutions.htm

All that is needed is support from every corner of the world and that includes everyone who reads this message willing to share with others.

That's what ABC4All does! ABC4All Shares. ABC4All Cares. YOU Decide! (tm)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please visit http://loa.abc4all.net for more info about Implementing the Legacy of ABC4All for you, your family and your descendants created for you just because you are participating with ABC4All in ANY capacity.

Please visit http://121212.abc4all.net for more info about "The ABC4All Jamboree! A Rally for the ABC4All YOUNGSTERS' REVOLUTION." Please use this link for the LIVE FEED Program: http://121212.abc4all.net/topics/view/82885/

And anyone anywhere can do a Global Toast at any time (water only please) http://abc4all.net/globaltoast.htm

Here's to A Better Community For All!

Cheers in all languages: http://abc4all.net/cheers.htm


RT KIND Healthy Snacks and ABC4All Legacy offer samples of KIND Bars at the ABC4All Jamboree! Join the KIND Movement! www.kindsnacks.com/dtkt/



Historic Occasion:

Major announcements about

The ABC4All Legacy:

CLICK! Read From The Heart
December 2012 Issue Focus:
An ABC4All Edutaintment Production

ABC4All Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) Programs coming your way no matter where you are in the world including wherever local support is generated to SAVE LIVES by Ending the Drinking of Polluted Water in the World with FOREVER DOUBLED DONATIONS! All the while you create a Legacy for you, your loved ones and your descendants!

WE CAN CONFIRM YOU NOW - buffet dinner needs to be prepaid by 12/10/12 // Invitation to the ABC4All Jamboree! A Pivot Shift for the World 12/12/12 Wednesday 7-10 p.m. for the LIVE, spontaneous videoed production.


Come before dark, avoid traffic, enjoy the atmosphere at Forbidden City Restaurant and be sure to clear security before 6:45 p.m. (prepay Chinese Buffet now at and please let us know you did so at abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net: www.amigosonline.org/donate.html –you can support Amigos by making a donation of any amount even if you do not attend!–later this supported organization could be YOURS!–and that so a confirmation can be sent to you via email that you print out and bring with you for FREE admission and security clearance.)Contact Burt at 1-310-712-5477 More info:  please visit this link: www.121212.abc4all.net/topics/view/82549/


Dear All or, as Alma says it, "Dear Hearts,"


At The ABC4All Jamboree being brought to you by ABC4All Legacy Partners Alma Martinez and Burt Danet, we are looking forward to MAXIMUM FUN while we tackle the most serious problems on earth all of us know about.


At The ABC4All Jamboree, being broadcast LIVE / FREE via 49 satellites across the world accessible by cell phones and Internet connections, we are including the following with the hope you will come and bring your ideas and talents to Mandated Action for What The World Needs Now:


We are participating with a "soft launch" of The World We Want 2015 from the Office of the Secretary General of the United Nations, as requested by Ravi Karkara, Youth Advocate reporting directly to the Secretary General and The Local ABC4All Co-Founder / Cameroon, Ntiokam Divine.  The youth of the world are being informed of this event via thousands of youth-driven organizations around the world.


We are participating with One Day On Earth:  We will ask our attendees, What do you have? And what do you need?  We will be filming and sending a compilation of the answers.


We will be instituting a study on the Effectiveness of a global health solution, the all-natural supplement, Protandim, with HIV/AIDS clients.


We will be working to fulfill Alma's Dream:


Alma's dream is such an amazing one - I actually have dreams at night about her dream - we team dream a lot.. Cool stuff.....

I'm seeing a weekly Madrona Marsh Challenge and we never stop till the hospice opens WITH A MARCH FROM MADRONA TO THE NEW HOSPICE! I'm seeing more and more people joining us each week as the mission gets known, and as the fundraising mounts, we once and for all give Alma the support she has always needed to realize her dream.

Her dream will be realized and it will be a very special place.

--From a conversation between Jim Hansen, CMT and Burt Danet


Thank you for confirming your attendance at this unique once-in-a-lifetime event and for your support of Amigos,



K I N D N E S S ~ appreciation and caring for one another ~

in deed, in word, in thought or intent, can change lives...

collectively, it can change the world.

'Human Kindness' defines the fate of Love, Peace, Abundance

and Joy of Humankind ! ! !

--Jaime Corpus Reyes, Waves of Kindness


CLICK! to see how far

we are from a day to remember!



A time to take stock.


A time to review where we have been.


A time to see where we are going.


A time to celebrate with an ABC4All Jamboree!  Watch for announcements about the Implementation of the Legacy of ABC4All.  Come be with us to witness history in the making!


A time to give recognition to all those participating as ABC4All Mentors, volunteering, sponsoring, partnering, cooperating to help create The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All).

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