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Where We Have Been

 Whether we know it or not, whether it is within our awareness or not, the fact is that the movements afoot in the world for people to take matters into their own hands and work collectively (knowingly or not) to create better conditions for all, this is a collective movement that has its own momentum that will never cease. 


In the case of ABC4All, not only were there emphases on a variety of 11/11/11 celebrations across the world in every time zone via a "kickoff" that started in New Zealand an hour before the day of 11/11/11 began in that time zone, but those who participated in 2 teleconferences via Skype / phone from 4 different continents were part of a Celebration that included a "Global Toast (water only please)" that symbolized the connectedness all of us sense when such activities are undertaken. 


We now prepare for 12/12/12 wherein the "Viral Loop of the Century" will be offering information to improve conditions anywhere in the world where support emerges including the ability to bring potable water anywhere there is a lack.

Here's to A Better Community For All!


Burt / Bob

Co-Founders, ABC4All


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ABC4All Partner Jazz For Peace to endorse LifeFilta.com

Plan to Create Model Formulae For A Better World

What is being created is the Global Family of Receptive People Working Towards A Better Community for All establishing Global Common Sense as we pave the "Golden Road to Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)" and as we create the "Viral Loop of the Century" all the while issuing the ABC4All EmpoweringSuccess Grants Program creating NeverEnding Self-FUNding4All in Partnership with the Jazz For Peace Foundation now celebrating their 10th Anniversary Year!

--Burton Danet, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist (retired) Co-Founder, A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

"Poised for Global Relief: You Can Cooperate and MAXIMIZE Giving"
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FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief

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On Sat, 12 Nov 2011 17:14:15 +0000 (GMT), World Day of Interconnectedness 3.0 wrote:

What happened on WDI 09-09-09, 10-10-10? What will happen on 11-11-11, 12-12-12?

A message to all members of World Day of Interconnectedness 3.0

Dearest Interconnectedness Community members,

I would like to invite you all to share your experiences of what happened on 11-11-11 within this community for inspiration to all on the day after and beyond...... Please add video's, photos, stories etc.

For me personally it has been a peak experience with so much love, connection, understanding, compliments, respect and joy!

In measurable terms it has also been a peak experience. In the first 11 days of November the central website has been visited by 35209 unique visitors (of which 11293 on 11-11-11 only)  from 156 countries (+'unknown).generating together 1.26 million hits!

What may be even more remarkable is that 104.7% added a link to their favorites (I guess this means more than 1 page per person). 

And what makes me even more happy is that we have identified and published activities and events with a stunning diversity, contributing to an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfulling and socially just human presence, in all countries worldwide!! In addition 18 worldwide/virtual activities could be published.When we realize ourselves that this is merely a glimpse of what has actually happenend on 11-11-11 globally, it fills me with a level of gratitude that I can hardly describe.

I will write a blog myself about my experiences in the Mirror Centre Amsterdam, but first I wanted to share with you all this invitation to share your stories and of course the good news!

With love and gratitude,

Leo Sonneveld

Visit World Day of Interconnectedness 3.0 at: http://interconnectedness.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


Sharing also the 11-11-11 Project working to promote world peace through world music.  We believe that music provides a common language to bring people together.