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Why? Last Updated on 2012-12-12 12:25:35 Subject     12/12/12: Why would I attend the ABC4All Jamboree! later today in Long Beach CA? Come as early as possible? FREE LIVE Global Feed via 49 satellites! Sender     ABC4All Legacy Network 12/12/12:   Why would I attend the ABC4All Jamboree! later today? Come as early as possible!   It's not too late - we have closed the prepaid reservations, but if you want to come, please call the restaurant at 562-961-3500 and reserve your place with the ABC4All Jamboree! and let them know how many,  Please PREPAY upon arrival $38 for the Chinese Buffet.  There is NO ADMISSION CHARGE TO THIS FREE PRODUCTION. When we reach 300 seats, we are closing it out with TIGHT SECURITY ENFORCED.   Witness the LIve Spontaneous Unrehearsed ABC4All Edutainment Production broadcast worldwide via 49 satellites during which the following is... More »
Seriously Festive Jamboree! Last Updated on 2012-12-12 00:00:00 ABC4All Jamboree! A Pivot Shift for the World More »
HISTORIC OCCASION: ABC4All Jamboree Gala in Los Angeles on 12/12/12 Last Updated on 2012-10-20 00:00:00 HISTORIC OCCASION:  ABC4All Jamboree Gala in Los Angeles on 12/12/12.    Dear All, If you or someone you know would like to perform during the "ABC4All Jamboree" you will be in the company of talented artists who are coming from all over the world!  Here is a sample of one such artist, Francine Jarry, whose song was created for ABC4All Mentors! 5:11 From the album "If You Love This Planet" this song was inspired by the Hopi who gave us these beautiful words of wisdom... this video deals ... by Francine Jarry   This song was created long before Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President, but as people all over the world grew aware of the key words in his speeches and searched for them, where did they land?  At the #1 spot  in the search:  http://abc4all.net/wearetheones.htm We look forward to providing support for an outstanding... More »