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Long Beach, California, United States

Arrival Date: 12/11/2012
Departure Date: 12/14/2012
Number of Surfers: 7+ ????
We are holding an "ABC4All Jamboree" on 12/12/12 in Long Beach at a restaurant. See http://121212.abc4all.net and http://loa.abc4all.net

Multiple out of town ABC4All Mentors will be here and may need a host for one or a few nights.

Any member wanting to attend FREE at the Forbidden City Restaurant in Long Beach 7-10 pm should contact me at 1-310-712-5477 so more details can be shared.

Opportunities for volunteering, and we will have a post-Jamboree lunch at the Long Beach Marriott Hotel on 12/13/12 at 11:30 a.m.

Please join us or consider hosting any of our out - of - town guests!
Thanks for considering this,