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Subject     12/12/12: Why would I attend the ABC4All Jamboree! later today in Long Beach CA? Come as early as possible? FREE LIVE Global Feed via 49 satellites!
Sender     ABC4All Legacy Network

12/12/12:   Why would I attend the ABC4All Jamboree! later today? Come as early as possible!


It's not too late - we have closed the prepaid reservations, but if you want to come, please call the restaurant at 562-961-3500 and reserve your place with the ABC4All Jamboree! and let them know how many,  Please PREPAY upon arrival $38 for the Chinese Buffet.  There is NO ADMISSION CHARGE TO THIS FREE PRODUCTION.

When we reach 300 seats, we are closing it out with TIGHT SECURITY ENFORCED.


Witness the LIve Spontaneous Unrehearsed ABC4All Edutainment Production broadcast worldwide via 49 satellites during which the following is shared:  read more here:


1.  Rehabilitation and rejuvenation from the most serious of health challenges IS POSSIBLE.  ABC4All Founder Burt Danet is a walking miracle example.  His own sister died of leukemia.  ABC4All Mentor Wilfried Fink who recently died after 2 surgeries for his brain and 2 subsequent strokes and for whom we were NOT in time.  WE WILL BE IN TIME FOR MANY PEOPLE THE WORLD OVER WHO ARE EITHER SICK OR DYING.  Come and witness this LIVE Event and help ABC4All share its information!


2.  We have a SPECIAL GUEST FUN Coach!  Come and enjoy yourself and participate in this production - an example of what is possible in the world with the right cooperation and collaboration.  If your heart tells you to do it, participate with recorded interviews, with offering your good ideas and talents whenever you are so moved!


3.  We will, together, create the fulfillment of the dream of Alma Martinez, ABC4All Legacy Partner and Founder/President of Amigos Sin Barreras / Friends Without Barriers to open a hospice for her clients so they do not have to die alone.

4.  Learn about the ways you, too, can benefit from just participating with ABC4All in ANY WAY YOU CHOOSE - volunteer, friend, Mentor, associate, etc. thereby creating your own Legacy for you, your family and your descendants.

See you there!



12/12/12 7-10 p.m. at Forbidden City Restaurant in Long Beach CA USA - FREE LIVE global feed confirmed - for cellphones and Internet connections anywhere in the world!  Scroll down 1/3 to watch our feed!   Donations to Amigos Sin Barreras / Friends Without Barriers welcome to help Founder Alma Martinez realize her dream of setting up a hospice so clients do not have to die alone.

ABC4All Jamboree! A Pivot Shift for the World

12/12/12 Wednesday 7-10 p.m. Pacific for the LIVE, spontaneous videoed production.

LIVE FEED VIA (scroll down 1/3)

Your time zone:!++Live+Webcast&iso=20121212T19&p1=137&ah=3

Times approximate.


What would help make your community better for all?

What do you have?  What do you want?



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